Genomicron on hiatus for two weeks.

Just a note to let you know that I am very unlikely to be posting anything for the next two weeks. I am currently in Churchill, Manitoba doing field work as part of a DNA barcoding / genomic diversity International Polar Year project.

3 comments to Genomicron on hiatus for two weeks.

  • Nick

    Well, I hope the skeeters don’t carry you away for good…


  • VWXYNot?

    You lucky so and so – I’m hoping to make it Up North some time in the next year or two. I haven’t been much north of Whistler yet, although I have seen both coasts and more of the middle than most Canadians.


  • Anonymous Coward

    What species are you barcoding? Are you seing any changes in the canadian north?

    cool blog btw,
    Make sure to post about your results. I’ll put a link to your blog.


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