New Scientist gets it right.

More later, but just a quick post to give credit where it is due. Kudos to New Scientist for their excellent story “Why ‘junk DNA’ may be useful after all” in the July 14 issue. Aria Pearson gets the complexity of the situation right while making the piece interesting and accessible.

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  • RPM

    Too bad it’s behind a pay wall (so, ultimately, they’re getting something wrong). Worse yet, the part that’s open to non-subscribers paints a picture that leads the reader to believe that all junk dna has a function. I’m guessing that it’s just the set up for a twist (judging by your positive reaction to the article), but I’d have no way of knowing that because I don’t have access.


  • VWXYNot?

    Hmmph, I only just got my June 30th issue yesterday. It can’t possibly take that much longer to reach the West coast?


  • Andras

    The paper is behind a pay wall. However, excerpts and comments are available at


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