T. rex could outrun humans?

Is it just me, or is there a major difference between

T. Rex Could Outrun Humans

(which is what LiveScience proclaimed)


T. rex Could Have Outrun Humans”


No, I am not talking about the annoying, inaccurate notation of the species name, but the (probably unintentional) invocation of an image of T. rex coexisting with and outpacing H. sapiens.

The story itself correctly says that T. rex is thought to have been able to reach speeds higher than humans. Incidentally, this is the same author who posted a previous story about which I recently complained.

Maybe I am just getting too nitpicky at this point.

2 comments to T. rex could outrun humans?

  • Jonathan Badger

    Of course with the way English grammar works, “could outrun humans” could also refer to a future event (like in headlines such as “China could outpace West”). Not that I suspect that the author was predicting a future Jurassic Park scenario involving humans being chased.


  • TR Gregory

    Haha! Quite right.


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