Favourite science blogs.

As noted by, well, everybody, The Scientist is assembling a list of the bioblogosphere’s best. Here is my list of favourite blogs — this isn’t exhaustive, however, as there are many that I read regularly in addition to this (see my blogroll for more). These are just the ones that I follow most closely.

  • Pharyngula — PZ Myers’s monster chimaera between hardcore objective science and stinging anti-theism.
  • Sandwalk — Online home of Larry Moran, everyone’s favourite curmudgeonly Canuck.
  • The Loom — Proof courtesy of Carl Zimmer that science writing can be consistently top-notch.
  • Evolution…Not Just a Theory Anymore — Although I don’t care for the name (evolution will always be both a fact and a theory), Greg Laden continually offers excellent insights.
  • ERV — Sarcastic, merciless, and never boring, and she knows a heck of a lot about ERVs and HIV.
  • John Hawks Weblog — Interesting, accessible discussions about things anthropological.
  • Aetiology — Tara Smith’s launching pad for discussions on evolution and health.
  • Evolgen — Thoughts on evolutionary genetics from a grad student who knows his material.
  • Laelaps — Home of Brian Switek, one of the hardest working bloggers around, who produces top quality essays on important topics in evolutionary science.
  • The DNA Network — A great collection of blogs on the subjects of genetics, genomics, and medicine. Features great blogs like Eye on DNA, My Biotech Life, and ScienceRoll.
  • Sex, Genes & Evolution — John Logsdon’s blog about, well, sex, genes, and evolution; great stuff, and I wish there were more frequent posts.
  • Interrogating Nature — High end contributions from Chris Harrison, a bright, young scientist-in-training.
  • The Tree of Life — Genomics plus opinions from Jonathan Eisen, good stuff.
  • Barcode of Life Blog — Superb clearinghouse by Mark Stoeckle on information regarding the ever-expanding Barcode of Life initiative.
  • EvolutionBlog — Plenty of interesting insights from Jason Rosenhouse on evolution.

By the way, if you like this blog, please be sure to post a comment about it on The Scientist‘s site!

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