One year of Genomicron.

As hard as it is to believe, it has now been exactly one year since I launched this blog more or less on a lark. Since then, I have come to view blogs as a legitimate apparatus for public outreach, and have found participating in the blogosphere useful not only for conveying information to readers about my area of study but also for keeping me updated on interesting new research in fields peripheral to my own. I have made some new friends, learned a great deal, and, I hope, delivered some interesting and useful posts. I am grateful to all of you for reading the blog (especially those of you who visit frequently or have subscribed to the feed) and to my fellow bloggers who have linked here. I think the fact that people are reading the blog shows that there is demand for scientific information, and that people are eager for interaction with those who spend their time generating it. I hope that other professional researchers will continue to adopt blogging as a supplement to publishing in the far less accessible scientific literature.

I intend to continue with this experiment in blogospheric outreach, and I hope that Genomicron continues to evolve as it has over the past year — I hope you will continue to read along.

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