NCSE to EZ: Do not want.

After linking to the NCSE’s mocking “Don’t Diss Darwin” site, I sent them an email asking if they might add a link to Evolver Zone (which has long had a prominent link to NCSE on the main site). Apparently they “link only to permanent institutional websites” to prevent broken links to fly-by-night pages. Nevertheless, they link to Ray Comfort’s site, Funny or Die, Youtube, and various others that are not permanent institutions as far as I can see. Given that EZ is a free educational resource created by an evolutionary biologist who also happens to be Associate Editor of Evolution: Education and Outreach (which they link to), you’d think they might have been more receptive. But that’s ok, they can focus on making fun of Kirk and Ray rather than drawing attention to actual resources if they like. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in the NCSE on this one, however.

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