My favourite web apps.

I don’t really use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or the other social networking stuff that the kids are into these days (bah!), but I do try to keep up with more useful web 2.0 applications. Here’s a list of some of my favourites.

This is the best browser, period, and it finally surpassed IE! One of the great things about open source programs like this is the add-ons that people contribute. In particular, I recommend:

The best blog and website authoring software for intermediate to advanced users. To really help with webpage design, I recommend working with the Atahualpa theme. Some of the best plugins:

Free online video chat and inexpensive long-distance to land lines. Extremely useful for keeping in touch with friends and family.

Google Earth
See the whole world from the comfort of your chair (unless your chair is uncomfortable).

Free reference management program that you will love, trust me.

Wiki software that is WYSIWYG rather than Wiki-code. Very useful for collaboration.

A free online (and not free desktop) concept mapping/flow chart program that can be useful for organizing ideas.

Google Reader and iGoogle
Keep track of your favourite blogs, news feeds, journal TOCs, and even automatic literature searches.

Online folder synchronization to keep everything synced on multiple computers.

A very cool app that creates animated slideshows with music automatically using uploaded photos and videos. Major kudos for their offer of a free pro account to any non-profit humanitarian organization.

A free lab management program that lets students and advisors keep track of projects, share files, and set schedules.

Word usage for any text — very neat.

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