A Twit says Tweet?

Well, the Twitter vortex has got me. I am thinking of using it for some educational purposes after a recent teaching tech workshop, so I am going to see whether I like it. If you are so inclined, you can follow my tweets.

I don’t think I will actually read tweets — too much to keep track of already — but I may try to post more often on Twitter than on this blog (plus, you also get links to blog posts). BUT I still want to make it to 1,000 subscribers to the feed for this blog this year, so don’t switch just to the Twitter list!

1 comment to A Twit says Tweet?

  • LeeAnn

    Hey Ryan.  If only I would have kept more up to date on reading your blog I would have guessed that one with the first clue!  I did my PhD research there in the mid 90s….   I might even be able to tell you where on Truelove Lowland if it needs to be more detailed to win the prize.


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