Do you know who sends me more paper junk mail than anybody else?

The David Suzuki Foundation.  Yep, the environmentalist organization which I’m sure has done many great things sends me regular junk mail asking for money.  Why?  Because a couple of years ago, my evolution class came up with a t-shirt and the students bought it, with the money going to charity.  The students chose the David Suzuki Foundation as one of the charities, and I made the donation.  Ever since then, they have been bombarding my mailbox with requests for more money.

The irony is two-fold here.  One, this is an environmental foundation that has probably killed several trees just bugging me, and two, because of the non-stop paper junk mail I won’t be giving them money again.

3 comments to Do you know who sends me more paper junk mail than anybody else?

  • Yes, the irony of environmental groups sending paper junk mail is always worth a laugh. But what I always thought was weird when I lived in Canada was that the David Suzuki Foundation was an environmental organization. I mean, you’d think that it would have something to do with genetic analysis, given who David Suzuki is. It would be like having an American environmental organization named the Richard Lewontin Foundation, given that much like Suzuki, Lewontin is probably better known among the public for his politics rather than his science.


  • I seem to recall Suzuki lost some cred in academia about a decade ago. He funded a small scholarship for a Carleton student in science journalism. A Carleton prof wrote something critical of one of his books and he yanked the scholarship, depriving some innocent student of needed cash. Sigh.


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