Evolutionary theory is totally overthrown. Again.

Sigh. More nonsense from the British press to pile on top of the infamous “Darwin Was Wrong” cover of New Scientist. This time from the Guardian.

Why everything you’ve been told about evolution is wrong by Oliver “Don’t Know Much Biology” Burkeman.

(Oh, and it’s because of epigenetics.)

My favourite defence of the article in the comments thread is this:

Sarah from G2 here. Thanks for all your comments. For those who are concerned, Oliver’s article was read by two science writers with phDs before we went to press.

I wonder if their degrees actually say “phD” on them? LOL

Thankfully, others have already invested time clarifying the silly claims so I don’t have to.

Worst science journalism of the year: Darwin completely wrong (again) by Jerry Coyne

Beyond a ‘Darwin was wrong’ headline by Adam Rutherford

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