Potential PhD positions for Canadian students.

Posted on EvolDir:

The College of Biological Science at the University of Guelph is offering support to enable the recruitment of several exceptional PhD students, including in the areas of areas of evolutionary biology, biodiversity, and genomics. Suitable candidates are sought who can be put forward in an application for this funding. Possible positions include:

1. Genome size evolution / evolution of transposable elements.
2. Arctic biodiversity using DNA barcoding.
3. Applied DNA barcoding, such as in food safety or forensic/economic applications.
4. DNA barcoding of parasites, pathogens, and vectors of disease.

Supervisors will depend on the topic of interest, but will include some combination of Drs. Ryan Gregory, Sarah Adamowicz, and Robert Hanner in the Department of Integrative Biology and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Please note the following important details:

– The positions are open only to Canadian students, and are only at the PhD level (not MSc).
– Funding for one or more of these positions must be applied for through the College of Biological Science once a suitable candidate is identified to be put forward; it is not guaranteed that one or more applications will be successful.
– Successful applicants must be able to begin studies no later than Fall 2011.
– Applicants must have at least an A average to be eligible.
– Holders of major scholarships (NSERC, OGS) are not eligible.

If you are interested and meet all of the above requirements, simply send an email to rgregory-AT-uoguelph.ca to discuss potential research projects in more detail.

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