Show me the funny.

Can scientists be funny?  Yes, of course!

Case in point, Dr. Twittenheimer, whose secret identity I won’t reveal about myself.

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3 comments to Show me the funny.

  • TMK

    Check out – makes me wish I was that funny!  For a bit more dry wit – too!


  • Elvin

    I quickly read your article – Evolution as Fact, Theory, and Path.
    I appreciated your comment –
    “Unfortunately, conflation of fact and theory in this regard
    is not limited to opponents of evolution. Some biologists
    make the inverse mistake of considering clear evidence of
    common descent as evidence that it occurred by natural
    selection. ”
    More germain to the debate would be the inclusion of ” exclusively” occurred by natural selection.  And within the realm of natural selection, fairness dictates that it is understood that a major component of natural selection is random mutation.   The continued divorcing of random mutation from the concept of natural selection by the proponents of biological evolution in the “evolution debate” is a disturbing trend.
    Consider –
    “The first 2 tenets of Evolutionary Biology, common descent and natural selection, have withstood all attack and are well supported by the data. The real problem with Evolutionary Biology is its insistence, now to the point of dogmatic, that all organic change can be explained by the mechanics of random mutation.

    While random mutation coupled with natural selection does seem to work in the small, much like sandpaper to smooth the rough edges of change, there are major conceptual problems with using this random mutation with natural selection paradigm to explain all biological changes.”
    By feck,


  • Bobo

    Elvin, I assume you know that final quote was written by a proponent of intelligent design, NOT a proponent of biological evolution as you suggest.
    I know this because 1) I found the source of the quote and it’s quite clearly an IDist, 2) no sane evolutionary biologist would completely separate random mutation and natural selection—mutation is the fuel for the engine of selection.


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