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Nature writer Chris Clarke of Coyote Crossing (@canislatrans on Twitter) has kindly assembled a common RSS feed for the ScienceBlog ex-pats.  If you want to keep track of those who have left, follow it here.  Science writer Carl Zimmer of The Loom (@carlzimmer), himself a former ScienceBlogs member, has also created a running set of links to the new homes of the blog authors.  Visit it here.  Also, Brian Switek, up-and-coming science writer formerly of the ScienceBlog Laelaps (@laelaps), has a standing invitation to start a blog here on Evolver Zone.  Maybe he’d even be willing to help me keep the evolution resources on EZ up to date. However, I suspect he’ll end up at Discover with Carl and Ed Yong (@edyong209) — that would be good, too.

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  • I think it’d be great if Brian wound up over at Discover. They’ve put together a pretty good stable of bloggers at this point IMO. Not to slight Evolver Zone in the least. If Brian were to come here, I’d be a more frequent visitor for sure (though I’m already making more visits sans Laelaps).


    • No offense taken at all. Evolver Zone isn’t a blog network, it’s a collection of evolutionary resources that I stuck my old blog onto. However, it could become a blog network someday, I suppose. I think Discover would be a fine spot for Brian to land.


  • elvin feckless

    Does the position of a gene on a chromosome influence its function?  Trying to get a handle on if a gene moves either along a chromosome or actually to another chromosome what is the ex ante expectation of its influene?
    Life is Good,


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