Arlin Stoltzfus and The Curious Disconnect.

In case you haven’t been following the series of posts by evolutionary biologist Dr. Arlin Stoltzfus posted on Sandwalk, here is a list hosted at his own site:

Arlin is contemplating starting a new blog where this kind of topic could be explored and discussed, so stay tuned.

1 comment to Arlin Stoltzfus and The Curious Disconnect.

  • oarobin

    a very interesting series of articles. i would like to get your thoughts on a few points raised in the articles.
    do you think we should abandon the narrative of the modern synthesis? the narrative of the Gene Pool?
    how strong a role do constructive neutral evolution play in generating complexity in phenotypes.
    How do you think about the percentage (rough guess)  mix of processes operating at the genome level (e.g. percentage mix of selection, recombination, mutation, drift) , how do they interact with each other and how they produce phenotype?


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