Dropbox rules.

I love Dropbox. I use it to back up and synchronize all my important files, and it has pretty much replaced my need for external hard drives and USB keys. I also use it to share specific folders with co-authors or students so that any changes they make or files they add are synchronized automatically across everyone’s computer. I also don’t have to worry about updating all the files on my laptop before traveling — as long as I will have an internet connection while away, all my files will be updated.

If you haven’t tried Dropbox yet, you really should. And, if you decide to, go ahead and use this referral link — it will give both of us some bonus storage space free.

2 comments to Dropbox rules.

  • Yah, I’m toying with the idea of using Dropbox myself (and I’ll tag you if I do). You did highlight the one caveat that concerns me though (… as long as I will have an internet connection …). There is the crux. Sometimes I won’t have an internet connection, and to be unable to access certain data/files when I may need/want them kills me. I guess everything has its pros and cons though, eh?


  • Ah, but if you connect before you leave, it will update everything for you. And if you connect when you get back, you’re all set for having everything synchronized.  I just meant that I don’t worry if I have the most recent version of every file before I go if I will have internet access.  Dropbox maintains a backup copy on their server, but all files are also on your own computer in a folder (anything you put in the Dropbox folder is synched, but that’s the only difference vs regular folders).  So, you would have everything on every computer that you install Dropbox on, but to have files synch you need internet.


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