Lab coat rack.

Wrong this time, PHD Comics! I don’t even have my own lab coat anymore.

2 comments to Lab coat rack.

  • gillt

    You don’t own a lab coat? My, my, my, how the tables have turned. I mean, even the guy who invented flubber owned a lab coat!
    Oh sure, you may think you’re a scientist because you have summer students autoclave your dirty pipette tips for you and you ask questions at journal club or whatever, but I can assure you, good sir, that you, in fact, are no real, working scientist. At least not one whom anyone would acknowledge if they had read my handy list of criteria I thought extra hard about.
    And for the record, I don’t own a lab coat either, but then again, I’m currently unemployed.


    • I was wondering when someone would make this obvious claim. I don’t have my own labcoat, we have a collection of lab coats. The only thing we need a lab coat for in our lab is staining samples, which I don’t do anymore. Nice try, though.


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