D2L and stone tools.

D2L, which I believe stands for “Desire 2 Launch-this-learning-management-system-from-a-catapult”, is the current LMS we are using on campus.  I won’t go into all the reasons I find it frustrating, except to say that every time anyone talks about trying to do something with it, it’s always with an expression similar to the one following sucking on a lemon.

For those of you who find you can’t do anything interesting with Web 2.0 functionality in D2L, there are some good tutorial videos out there on how to circumvent the system and bring in proper web capabilities.

I found this one which discusses using iFrames, a trick that I believe will be quite useful for my course.  Upon showing it to a friend, he commented that the tutorial should actually be entitled “So Your IT Department Insists That You Use Stone Tools: How to Use Stone Tools To Open Packages from Canadian Tire“.  The laugh I got from that alone almost makes the last several weeks of frustration worth it.  Almost.

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