Special issue of Biology and Philosophy on the Tree of Life.

The September 2010 issue of the journal Biology and Philosophy is all about the Tree of Life metaphor, especially in the light of horizontal gene transfer in bacteria.

Biology and Philosophy vol. 24, n0. 4

Special Issue: The Tree of Life

Guest Edited by M.A.O`Malley

HT: The Dispersal of Darwin (via @darwinsbulldog)

3 comments to Special issue of Biology and Philosophy on the Tree of Life.

  • Martin

    what great links for us evolution (and genomicron!) laymen-fans. Especially if we don’t have access to them and all we can do is to stare at abstracts in silent envy. Damnit. So much for self-educating public.


  • Hi Martin. Sorry for the inaccessibility. While this journal now has a paid ‘open access’ option, most philosophers and historians cannot get funds to pay such charges. And because this option is new, we hadn’t made plans for the scientists in the issue, all of whom might have been able to pay. I agree open access is very important – this is something humanities scholars need to address better in their publications and I hope there’ll be progress in the near future. The same group of scientists, philosophers and historians will be publishing a special issue ‘Beyond the Tree of Life’ in Biology Direct next year (full access to all readers).
    For this issue, in Biology and Philosophy, please feel free to contact me for copies of any paper; likewise anyone else without access. The old ‘send me a reprint’ request system is always the best fallback when access isn’t open.
    Maureen O’Malley, University of Exeter


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