Climate change, evolution, and Canadian conservatives.

Thanks to Larry at Sandwalk, I caught this clip from the Bill Maher show in which panelists were discussing climate change and evolution.

The woman in the discussion is Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada. Some caveats, though: she wasn’t elected Prime Minister but assumed the role when she took over as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party following the departure of Brian Mulroney. Not long afterward, the PC party was decimated in a federal election and was left with only two seats in parliament. In part, this precipitated the rise of the current Conservative Party of Canada which currently has a minority government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I *should* be proud of Ms. Campbell and of Canadian politics in general that a former *conservative* Prime Minister is so articulate and informed on the issues of climate change and evolution. But mostly it makes me sad that the current conservative side of Canadian political discourse seems closer to Republicans in the USA than to the previous Progressive Conservatives in Canada.

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  • TheOtherJim

    Yes… the problem from this morning is fixed. Expect more comments.
    Your last sentence is quite true, and sums up my reaction to the video as well. I really miss the days of Joe Clark as the opposition leader. I don’t think we would be trapped in this minority government “minimal energy well” in there was a classic PC party to have chosen after Martin.
    When he first became PM, Harper stated that he wanted to shift Canadian politics to the right. He seems to have succeeded at his goal.


  • Rebecca

    …came from a monkey = fail (sigh)


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