Someone elected this person.

FUN FACT: Someone elected this person to congress. And she’s a contender for the presidential nomination.

4 comments to Someone elected this person.

  • Ian

    Michele Bachmann exists to make Sarah Palin look smart, or at least innocuous.


  • Guy

    Cyanide is natural, and is in fact found in a number of food plants (apple, peach, etc.); it must follow that it should be an allowable food additive, no?


  • David

    Other natural substances include water, so by the same reasoning not harmful……(Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans, anyone who has drowned……..ring any bells?). However when I think of the value of having a politician with a scientific background, the image of Margaret Thatcher appears (only recent UK PM with any Science), and I despair.


  • Someone please toss her in 10,000 gallon tank of fermenting grape juice.  She can reconsider her position, for a few seconds at least.


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