Deepak Chopra vs. Random Quote Generator.

Here’s a fun game. Try to guess which of these were posted to Twitter by Deepak Chopra, and which were generated randomly by the algorithm at

Five are real, five are randomly generated:

A) “Impermanence keeps life fresh.”

B) “Your movement is rooted in the expression of possibilities.”

C) “Our consciousness is as much an activity of the universe as a spiraling galaxy.”

D) “The unpredictable illuminates visible creativity.”

E) “Nature is inherent in humble sensations.”

F) “You are the timeless seer in the midst of time bound scenery.”

G) “The light of awareness brings the universe into manifestation.”

H) “Awareness regulates reckless experiences.”

I) “The silent witness of thought is free of thought and therefore universal.”

J) “Intuition arises and subsides in ephemeral energy.”

Answers posted in the comments.

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