Pro-science rally on Parliament Hill.

Along with about 1,000-1,500 other scientists, graduate students, professors, and science supporters, I was in attendance at the “Death of Evidence” rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa today. I can’t remember any example, ever, in which scientists got together to protest the actions of a government in this way. That has got to tell you something about just how bad things are getting for Canadian research now.


Here are some photos (you will undoubtedly see more professional coverage on the major news channels tonight).





And here’s a video with a couple of the more clever chants: “What do we want? SCIENCE! When do we want it? AFTER PEER-REVIEW!” and “Hey, Harper — We brought evidence!”

Finally, some links to news reports that have already showed up:

Larry Moran has a summary of the day’s event as well.

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