The ENCODE media hype machine.

Well, the major news outlets seem to have bought into the claims that a) most people thought that all non-coding DNA is non-functional, and b) we now have evidence that most of it is functional. (Neither is true, by the way).


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  • Chris Day

    After reading the farcical articles in the press, and even press releases from ENCODE themselves, I was looking for a nice link as a rebuttal to the hyperbole and misinformation.  I discovered this blog and your body of work on this subject is great!  Good job.



    Mr Gregory as far as I know (and you can correct me if i’m wrong) ENCODE is an international consortium in which all participants agreed to share information and data freely, and also agreed to not concern themselves with issuing patents or other purposes of financial gain. The reason being, that the sheer size of data was much to large for anyone group to handle, and by doing it this way, would insure a much more practical solution in so far as resolving many of these unknowns. 
    Furthermore I have not encountered anyone who is grandstanding and trying to accept all or even most of the credit. In fact I hear the opposite. It seems many participants are praising and giving credit to others and to the entire participating science community as a whole. (Of course I am excluding those who are not part of ENCODE and who may be involved for financial gain and or other reasons.
    So we can rule out financial incentive (especially if data is inaccurate or being distorted) and at the same time we can rule out personnel glory (which would also rule out motivation for sensationalism) and for the reasons already mentioned. So my question to you is, why do you believe there is some kind of conspiracy? (Excluding the general media) In your opinion, what do you think the motivation is for respected  peer review science journals trying to sell snake oil? 


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