I didn’t like Prometheus.

I didn’t like the movie Prometheus. It thought it was incredibly lazy writing and didn’t even try to construct a coherent plot or introduce worthwhile characters. This was a real disappointment, because Alien and Aliens are great movies (Alien 3 sucked, and I couldn’t even bring myself to watch Alien: Resurrection). It seems that I am not alone in my view on this film as a confusing let-down that had little going for it besides some decent special effects. Seeing these made me feel better.

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  • Yeah. I know it was just a movie, but the fact that the scientist characters are always saying “I choose to believe X” where X is some absurd unsupported belief makes me wonder if Ridley-Scott et al think that’s how scientists work; we just “choose” to believe in evolution or global warming as opposed to letting the facts tell us.

    Although a friend of mine had interesting interpretation — given that the real mission is being led by the not-dead Weyland, maybe he purposely chose bad scientists for his mission because if they were competent, they’d see through his plan….


  • Darren

    Sigh, yes, Prometheus had so many annoying, and pointless, plot holes that it just simply ruined the viewing experience.
    However, Alien 4 has some enjoyable parts, certainly better than the horrid #3. It also has some really bad parts, but depending upon one’s tolerance for such things, the nuggets of good might outweigh the nuggets of poop.
    Best part of Alien #4? It takes place on a military research ship, and when the xenomorphs (of course) escape, what happens? Everyone runs like hell! Duh!… It just so happens that the protagonists for the rest of the movie happened to be visitors and were taking a smoke break at the time and didn’t know what all the alarms and flashing lights meant!
    Then there is the laughably bad ending were a character is sucked out through a one square inch hull breach by the vacuum of space…  har!


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