Big news about Evolution: Education and Outreach.

l You may recall that I was an Associate Editor of the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach from 2007-2009. I also edited the first “special issue” of the journal, on the subject of eye evolution, and I wrote a number of papers for early issues of the journal.

You may also remember that I resigned from the editorial board of the journal when the publisher, Springer, stopped making the journal available free online. I felt that this went against the intent of the journal, which from the outset was to make high-quality but accessible articles available to scientists, educators, and interested members of the public.

Well, I am very pleased to announce that Springer is planning to return to an open-access model for the journal in January 2013!

This means:

• All articles published in a SpringerOpen journal are open access and immediately accessible to anyone, anywhere, without a subscription or other paywall. In addition, all articles will be deposited in PubMed Central.

• Authors will retain copyright, licensing the article under a Creative Commons license. This means that an article can be freely redistributed and reused as long as the material is correctly attributed.

• As open access journals follow an online-only, continuous publishing model, with one volume and issue published per year, future promotion will not include printed issues of the journal.

For me, this also means that I will begin writing articles for the journal again in 2013.

I have also agreed to re-join the editorial board, this time as Senior Handling Editor. So, friends and colleagues, you can expect me to begin soliciting papers from you in the new year.

All in all, this is great news for evolution educators.

1 comment to Big news about Evolution: Education and Outreach.

  • Sam

    This is excellent news!  Good call Springer (glad to see the publisher has common sense–  “outreach” isn’t outreach if it’s behind a paywall!)
    This also further proves that there’s no reason, besides unethical profiteering, for publishers to demand copyrights for the articles they publish (“ensure widest dissemination” my foot).


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