Genome Sequence Paper Title Generator

So, you and several dozen totally essential collaborators have been hard at work sequencing the genome of a super important species, and you’re ready to write up your results. Between doing the same analyses as every other genome sequencing study and overselling the novelty and significance of your results, you probably don’t have time to waste on something as trivial as the title of your paper.  Not having any particular hypothesis or well-reasoned research question in mind can also make it difficult to know how to package your paper for publication.

Luckily, the new “Genome Sequence Paper Title Generator” is here to help!  Simply fill in the details below, and you’re good to go!

Genome Sequence Paper Title Generator v.1.0

1) Type of genome sequence (optional): i) Draft, ii) Whole/Complete, iii) Comparative, iv) Do not specify

2) Species name: ____________________

3) Major contribution: i) Reveals, ii) Provides insights into

4) Novelty modifier (optional): i) Novel, ii) New, iii) Unique, iv) None

5) Ad-hoc focus of research: i) Notable physical, physiological, or behavioural trait of species, ii) Adaptation to environment of species, iii) Medical or industrial significance of species, iv) Features of genome of species


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