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Microbial Art surpasses 20K hits!

Well, the Microbial Art collection has become far more popular than I ever expected. It passed 20,000 unique visits today, after about 2 months online. This was helped by the recent features on New Scientist, Wired Italy, and Wired UK, and a viral outbreak of re-posts of the bacterial Mario image, which has been […]

Microbe art at New Scientist.

New Scientist has just posted a gallery of some of the microbial art images on their webpage. Click here to see which ones they selected.

Microbial Art — now with user generated content!

If you have been enjoying Microbial Art, I suggest that you sign up for the feed because it is now set up to showcase artwork contributed by users.

Microbial Art is alive!

I am happy to report that my latest distraction project is now live!

Visit for lots of intriguing artworks created using living microorganisms.

Microbe art rocks.

UPDATE — Visit!

Some more creations by students in my lab:


Galapagos Islands


Primate […]

More microbial art.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my students and I have been experimenting with creating art from living colonies of bacteria:

I don’t think this is a common art form (though it’s one I want to explore in more detail down the road), but I am aware of a few other […]