Genome reduction in bladderworts vs. leg loss in snakes.

In one sense, I am happy that there is enough interest in the concept of “junk DNA” (and by extension, my area of research in genome size evolution) that the subject gets regular media attention. A few months ago, it was all about the ENCODE project and its “finding” of “function” for 80% of […]

Carnival of Evolution #56.

Head on over to Lab Rat and check out the latest instalment of Carnival of Evolution!

Max Libbrecht on ENCODE’s results regarding junk DNA.

Max Libbrecht is a PhD student at the University of Washington, and was one of the several hundred researchers involved in the ENCODE project. I have already mentioned Max because of his important comments on ENCODE and junk DNA elsewhere on the interwebs. I mentioned that he would be welcome to write a guest […]

Comments on Birney’s blog.

Ewan Birney, lead coordinator of ENCODE, has a blog. I thought I might re-post a couple of comments from there on here.

First, a weird criticism of me from someone calling himself “TheMayan”. He has written similar things in the comments on my blog. (Don’t you just love the confidence that a pseudonym provides?)


Birney dodges but Sparc nails it.

Ewan Birney has a new post up on his blog about reaction to the ENCODE publications and the associated media extravaganza last week. Unfortunately, it adds very little of substance to the discussion and most of the main criticisms are dodged again. But, the one redeeming feature of the post is the following comment […]

Chromosome 2 (con)fusion.

Those wacky creationists are at it again. This time, they have a book out that purports to challenge the evidence for human evolution. I haven’t read it, but you can find a thorough review here. From all appearances, it isn’t any better than their previous treatment of junk DNA (reviewed in detail here).


How do you pronounce Genomicron?

Apparently, there are at least two ways that readers have been pronouncing the name of this blog in their heads while reading it and/or while telling others about it in person. I am curious to see how you imagine the name sounds in your mind. Here are the two most common options: Option 1 […]

Thorough takedown of the supposed connection between Darwin and Nazism.

It has been a common tactic among creationists to attempt to discredit scientific ideas by linking them to the horrific actions of the likes of Hitler and the Nazis. The scientific merits of a theory do not rest on its societal implications, of course, but there is also the issue that the Nazis did […]

Mega Carnival of Evolution at Sandwalk.

Carnival of Evolution #38 is now posted over at Sandwalk. Larry has put together a massive collection, well worth checking out!

Arlin Stoltzfus and The Curious Disconnect.

In case you haven’t been following the series of posts by evolutionary biologist Dr. Arlin Stoltzfus posted on Sandwalk, here is a list hosted at his own site:

The Curious Disconnect: Introduction (March 19, 2010). The Mutationism Myth 1. The Monk’s Lost Code and the Great Confusion (March 29, 2010) describes how the mutationism […]