Concept contrasts.

Many science blogs have a regular series on particular subjects. Thus far I have not done anything like that, but I think the “X vs. Y” pieces could make for a useful series. I shall dub it “Concept contrasts”, and present the first three in the following compendium. Effect versus function “Because” versus “so […]

Inter-lineage selection versus "just in case".

I still want to grant the benefit of the doubt to my fellow biologists who recently have made statements about non-coding DNA being potentially useful in the future. Natural selection does not work this way, because it is simply the differential survival and reproduction of entities based on heritable differences. In the most common […]

"Because" versus "so that".

I want to make a quick point about how evolution works and how it does not. The reason is that two stories about non-coding DNA posted today include a major misconception about evolution. Unfortunately, this is a misconception attributed in the articles to biologists, so I can only imagine what the state of comprehension […]

Effect versus function.

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the media recently about discoveries of [indirect evidence for] functions in [small portions of] non-coding DNA. Unfortunately, the parts in square brackets are often omitted. It is also the case that many reports overlook the important distinction between effect and function, leaving readers with the […]