Thorough takedown of the supposed connection between Darwin and Nazism.

It has been a common tactic among creationists to attempt to discredit scientific ideas by linking them to the horrific actions of the likes of Hitler and the Nazis. The scientific merits of a theory do not rest on its societal implications, of course, but there is also the issue that the Nazis did […]

DarWIN, a la Sherlock Holmes.

What if the producers of the recent blockbuster Sherlock Holmes made a movie about Darwin?

Dana Carvey is “DARWIN” – watch more funny […]

Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day, everyone!

Just a reminder that you can still get Evolver Zone gear at the EZ Store… Slideshow: Fullscreen: Download:

Evolution and art.

From Oct. 9-30, the University of Guelph and Ed Video are hosting a special art exhibit entitled “This View of Life: Evolutionary Art for the Year of Darwin“. It was organized by professors in four departments: Integrative Biology, Philosophy, History, and English and Theatre Studies, and was curated by Scott McGovern of Ed Video. […]

Evolution art exhibit at the University of Guelph – October 9 to 30

Like many institutions, the University of Guelph is hosting a series of events in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species. Two of them, a teachers’ workshop and the Yodzis Colloquium, have already run, but there is another coming up that […]

Attention biology teachers from Ontario!

On May 19, the University of Guelph is holding a workshop on evolution education open to teachers from southern Ontario (and elsewhere if you’re willing to travel).

Evolution Education WorkshopMay 19, University of Guelph

Speakers: Brian Alters Evolution educator and researcher, McGill University David Campbell Florida high school biology teacher making news on his […]

Frontiers in Evolution.

These two meetings are coming up in May, one at the University of Guelph and one at McMaster University. If you are in the area, you are welcome and encouraged to register and attend!

The Peter Yodzis Colloquium 2009 – Frontiers in EvolutionMay 20-21, University of Guelph

Speakers: David Sloan Wilson (levels of selection) […]

Darwin trivia.

I wonder what Drs. Pallen and Wilkins think of this story?

Darwin’s Pianist Wife Influenced Theories (Discovery Channel)

Or the Darwin IQ test?

Wilkins discussing Darwin myths.

John Wilkins has started a nice series of posts discussing Myths about Darwin (you don’t have to agree with them altogether, but you should read them).

So far

Myth 1: Darwin did not believe in the reality of species

Myth 2: Darwin did not explain the origin of species in The Origin of Species


Darwin the Buddhist?

Check this out:

Darwin the Buddhist? Empathy Writings Reveal Parallels (National Geographic) Charles Darwin probably didn’t know it, but he held views on human empathy that mirror Buddhist beliefs, says a pioneer in decoding facial expressions.

Indeed, after reading Darwin’s work on emotions, the Dalai Lama told Ekman he “would consider himself a […]