Let’s try the "Wiki database" idea.

In the comments to my previous post, Nick Matzke* suggested the idea that one could create an open database on the Wikipedia model in which people could compile and contribute published data and access the complete dataset freely. This would not replace other databases that give a pile of information for each species (e.g., […]

We need more online databases.

If you are a graduate student or postdoc and are wondering how you might make a significant contribution, I recommend assembling an online database to be made freely available. In particular, a database of chromosome numbers for animals would be very useful, and I don’t mind if you start out with the limited sampling […]

Biodiversity databases.

The recent launch of the Encyclopedia of Life has generated quite a bit of excitement. It is my hope that advances such as this will help to make information about the millions of species that inhabit the planet accessible to everyone. It is the ultimate in open access science. In keeping with this, here […]

Genome size databases.

In case anyone is unaware of their existence, here are the links to the available genome size databases. Animal Genome Size Database Plant DNA C-values Database Fungal Genome Size Database

For a summary of the databases, see Gregory et al. (2007).

For a discussion about units of measurement in genome size, see here.

A […]