This just in: DNA barcoding is not the be all and end all of the universe.

I want to share a few quotes about DNA barcoding. Some of these are from critics of barcoding (Roe and Sperling 2007) and some are from proponents of DNA barcoding (Hebert and Gregory 2005). For fun, see if you can guess which is which, and then see if you can guess […]

The tale of the Matrix Beetle.

Gather ’round, and I will tell you the tale of the Matrix Beetle.

It began in England — London, to be precise — during the second half of my two-year NSERC postdoc. I had spent the first year in New York at the incredible American Museum of Natural History, and decided to spend the […]

DNA Barcoding on Canada AM.

Prof. Paul Hebert of the University of Guelph was featured on a recent segment of CTV’s Canada AM in their Canadians on the Cutting Edge series. Click here to view the segment. There has been a massive amount of press coverage of DNA barcoding over the past few years, and you can see more […]

DNA barcoding and taxonomy funding.

This may be old news, but it seems worthwhile responding anyway because hey, I have a blog now.

In 2005, Ebach and Holdrege wrote a letter to Nature in which they repeated the common misconception that DNA barcoding steals funding from taxonomic research. I responded by pointing out that DNA barcoding has not drawn […]