Video games and crowdsourced data.

When I was a grad student, I installed SETI@home on a bunch of lab computers, which served as a screen saver and crunched data from scans of the sky in search of aliens whenever the computer was idle. I thought this was a neat idea, as it tapped into the processing power and electricity […]

Gamers will detect the problem in this study.

From New Scientist:

Video games don’t train your brain

Does playing computer games boost your brainpower? Not necessarily, seems to be the answer.

Walter Boot and colleagues at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, found that non-gamers showed no improvement in memory skills or the ability to multitask after spending more than 20 hours […]

"Science Spore?"

I came across this interesting forum on Spore. I hope SpongB6F1 won’t mind if I quote this posting at length, as I think it is very insightful. “Science Spore” would be ideal. …

I think many people will claim that although some kind of abstract commitment to science would have been nice in Spore, […]

My favourite games.

One of the reasons I was interested in giving some comments on the science in Spore is that I am a big fan of video games but rarely have a chance to play anymore. The discussion about Spore (which I wasn’t asked to evaluate as a game per se) got me thinking back on […]

The Science of Spore

Is Spore meant to be just a game, with no suggestion that it has scientific content?