Dear Genome: Say what?

Here’s the first sentence from a paper published recently in Genome by Vibhu Ranjan Prasad and Karin Isler:

Gene content, the number of genes coding for proteins, is correlated with genome size in both noneukaryotes and eukaryotes (Lynch and Conery 2003; Konstantinidis and Tiedje 2004; Gregory 2002, 2005).

Say what?

The whole C-value […]

Daphnia does not have a large genome.

Example headline: Massive Daphnia genome leads to understanding gene-environment interactions

Photo by Paul Hebert

It’s a cool species, an important addition to the cadre of species whose genomes have been sequenced, it has a notably large number of genes (>30,000, according to the current annotation — rice has >40,000, by the way), and […]

Sponge genome sequence published, expect the following.

Two students and I currently have a paper in review on genome sizes in sponges, but whether it is accepted or needs major revisions, we will have to update the reference list. This is because the genome sequence of the sponge Amphimedon queenslandica was just published. This is very cool, and allows some interesting […]

Zimmer, YAGS, agreed.

Go read Carl Zimmer’s post “Yet-Another-Genome Syndrome” for an example of a science writer who truly gets it. Go. Right now. And add YAGS to your dictionary, along with DAP.

10,000 genomes.

Lots of genomes going to be sequenced. Some of the members of the group are colleagues at Guelph. Very cool. That is all.

Genome 10K: A Proposal to Obtain Whole-Genome Sequence for 10 000 Vertebrate Species

Genome 10K Community of Scientists

The human genome project has been recently complemented by whole-genome assessment sequence of […]

In which Dr. Eisen gets scooped.

Jonathan Eisen, of Tree of Life, has an excellent feature called the “Overselling Genomics Award”. Here, I am gonna scoop him and hand out something similar, at least based on the heading. A genome may reduce your carbon footprint

This somewhat rhetorical title must excite many scientists, particularly those with ongoing research on biomass, […]

Steven Pinker on The Colbert Report.

Steven Pinker was on The Colbert Report discussing his genome. Here is the link for Canadians. Americans can watch the clip at

Draft Neanderthal genome sequence.

The draft genome sequence of Neanderthal is evidently more or less complete.

Click here to watch today’s press conference.

Lower and basal.

The story:

New Tree Of Life Divides All Lower Metazoans From Higher Animals, Molecular Research Confirms

The response:

“It is absurd to talk of one animal being higher than another” (Charles Darwin, 1837)

More information:

Understanding evolutionary trees

(By the way, Rob DeSalle, who is quoted in the story, was one of my […]

Generic genome sequence press release (by Andy).

This comment by Andy was too good not to repost. Generic press release for genome sequencing

Scientists map genome of (insert name).

A team of researchers from (insert university/institute/lockup garage) has completed mapping the genome of (animal/plant/squashy deep-sea thing).

“We were amazed how (strike one) similar/dissimilar it is to the human genome,” said (insert […]