In which Dr. Eisen gets scooped.

Jonathan Eisen, of Tree of Life, has an excellent feature called the “Overselling Genomics Award”. Here, I am gonna scoop him and hand out something similar, at least based on the heading. A genome may reduce your carbon footprint

This somewhat rhetorical title must excite many scientists, particularly those with ongoing research on biomass, […]

Steven Pinker on The Colbert Report.

Steven Pinker was on The Colbert Report discussing his genome. Here is the link for Canadians. Americans can watch the clip at

Draft Neanderthal genome sequence.

The draft genome sequence of Neanderthal is evidently more or less complete.

Click here to watch today’s press conference.

Lower and basal.

The story:

New Tree Of Life Divides All Lower Metazoans From Higher Animals, Molecular Research Confirms

The response:

“It is absurd to talk of one animal being higher than another” (Charles Darwin, 1837)

More information:

Understanding evolutionary trees

(By the way, Rob DeSalle, who is quoted in the story, was one of my […]

Generic genome sequence press release (by Andy).

This comment by Andy was too good not to repost. Generic press release for genome sequencing

Scientists map genome of (insert name).

A team of researchers from (insert university/institute/lockup garage) has completed mapping the genome of (animal/plant/squashy deep-sea thing).

“We were amazed how (strike one) similar/dissimilar it is to the human genome,” said (insert […]

Science by press release.

With apologies to Jonathan Eisen for encroaching on his annoyance specialty, here is yet another case of science via press release. Big hop forward: Scientists map kangaroo’s DNA

Taking a big hop forward in marsupial research, scientists say they have unraveled the DNA of a small kangaroo named Matilda. And they’ve found the […]

Surf Venter’s genome.

Pssssst. Wanna check out Venter’s genome?

1,000 genomes on the way (sort of).

ScienceNOW and ScienceDaily are reporting the announcement of the 1000 Genomes Project, which will be supported by agencies in the UK, China, the US, and elsewhere. It will include analyses of the genomes of 1000 individual humans, and will build upon the International HapMap Project.

ScienceDaily describes the early phases of the project:


Are you a cat genome person or a dog genome person?

The most recent issue of Genome Research contains a report of the cat genome sequence (Pontius et al. 2007), adding Felis catus to the rapidly growing collection of animal genome sequences. One of the reasons that the number of mammal sequences is increasing so quickly is that there have been reduced standards for sequence […]

What’s wrong with this figure?

There is a story on Science News Online entitled “Genome 2.0“. The author has certainly done a lot of legwork and has tried to present a detailed discussion of a complex topic, and for that he deserves considerable credit. (He clearly hasn’t taken my guide to heart). That said, it is unfortunate that the […]