Some big news about Evolution: Education and Outreach.

As many of my academic friends know, I started out as a member of the Editorial Board when the journal was launched, and then became an Associate Editor as well as a guest Editor for a special issue on eye evolution. When the journal ceased to be open-access, I resigned from the Editorial Board […]

Critiques of ENCODE in peer-reviewed journals.

There has been lots of talk (including some in the media; see here and here and here) about the Graur et al. (2013) paper in GBE which was critical of ENCODE, much of it focusing on the tone of the paper. While the Graur et al. (2013) paper certainly doesn’t pull any punches in […]

Big news about Evolution: Education and Outreach.

You may recall that I was an Associate Editor of the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach from 2007-2009. I also edited the first “special issue” of the journal, on the subject of eye evolution, and I wrote a number of papers for early issues of the journal.

You may also remember that […]

Dear Genome: Say what?

Here’s the first sentence from a paper published recently in Genome by Vibhu Ranjan Prasad and Karin Isler:

Gene content, the number of genes coding for proteins, is correlated with genome size in both noneukaryotes and eukaryotes (Lynch and Conery 2003; Konstantinidis and Tiedje 2004; Gregory 2002, 2005).

Say what?

The whole C-value […]

Links to my evolution education papers.

I’m currently at Evolution 2012 in Ottawa, having spoken at an education workshop on Friday. Various people at the meeting have told me that they’ve found my education papers very useful, so I thought I would put links to them all in one convenient location and then direct people there. So, here they are:


Why I don’t write papers about chemistry.

Because I might end up with something as silly as when chemists write about evolutionary biology.

Could ‘Advanced’ Dinosaurs Rule Other Planets?

New scientific research raises the possibility that advanced versions of T. rex and other dinosaurs — monstrous creatures with the intelligence and cunning of humans — may be the life forms […]

Evolution: Education and Outreach Volume 3 Number 4.

Evolution: Education and Outreach Volume 3, Number 4 / December 2010



Niles Eldredge and Greg Eldredge 491-494

How Systematics Became “Phylogenetic”

Niles Eldredge 495-498

Introduction to the Special Issue

Sagas of the Children of Time: The Importance of Phylogenetic Teaching in Biology

Daniel R. Brooks 499-505

Why Trees Are […]

Evolution: Education and Outreach, vol. 3 issue 2.

The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach is now available online. This is a special issue dedicated to Dr. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education on the occasion of her [redacted]th birthday!

A few of the papers are free online, but others require a subscription.  Some positive news announced in […]

Update on Evolution: Education and Outreach

I wasn’t going to discuss this because I’m not officially affiliated with the journal anymore, but I see it has been posted on the E:EO blog. Some good news about access to the journal. Still not satisfactory in my opinion, and doesn’t address the principle of how this all went down (which was my […]

News about E:EO.

Given that they have announced it on their Facebook page, I assume it’s ok for me to also mention it here.

I have officially resigned as Associate Editor and member of the editorial board of Evolution: Education and Outreach.

This was a painful decision, and not one that I took lightly, given how much […]