Behind the scenes at the AMNH.

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City is one of the world’s premier natural history museums. I had the privilege of working there for a year as a postdoc, so I got to see a fair bit behind the scenes. Most people don’t get this opportunity, however, which is why it’s […]

Potential PhD positions for Canadian students.

Posted on EvolDir:

The College of Biological Science at the University of Guelph is offering support to enable the recruitment of several exceptional PhD students, including in the areas of areas of evolutionary biology, biodiversity, and genomics. Suitable candidates are sought who can be put forward in an application for this funding. Possible positions […]

Churchill fieldwork 8.

Classic clips!

Well, some of us are back from Churchill while others are still on the road and set to return later this week. As promised, below are some clips of polar bears and belugas from our previous visit to Churchill in 2007. Enjoy.


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Churchill fieldwork 7.

Another day, another bear.

Readers probably aren’t so interested in the spiders we collected this morning (and I don’t have pictures of them anyway), so here is a short clip of a bear we saw on the beach as we drove to the field site.


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Churchill fieldwork 6.

Bears and seals and belugas, oh my!

The days tend to blend together when one is doing fieldwork, so I won’t try to remember what happened on which day. Rather, here is an update on some of our activities over the past several days.

Tundra Buggy

One advantage of being here alongside the field […]

Churchill fieldwork series.

Here are the various posts in the Churchill fieldwork series. Churchill fieldwork 1 — We’re here, and we’re armed. Churchill fieldwork 2 — The collecting begins. Churchill fieldwork 3 — Samples, samples, samples. Churchill fieldwork 4 — What the heck are you doing up there, anyway? Churchill fieldwork 5 — Everybody back in […]

Churchill fieldwork 5.

Everybody back in the truck!

While Brandon and I were sampling tundra ponds with several field course participants, Joao headed off with another group to a forest area not far from the research station. He is one of the people with a firearms license, so he was on bear duty. And a good thing, […]

Churchill fieldwork 4.

What the heck are you doing up there anyway?

I have been posting photos and clips of some of our adventures up here in Churchill, but I haven’t yet discussed in any detail what we’re actually doing. Today is a foggy day with not much prospect for collecting, so it seems like an opportune […]

Churchill fieldwork 3.

Samples, samples, samples.

Today was somewhat cold, but not nearly as bone-chillingly windy as yesterday. It ended up being relatively sunny, and with the wind lessened, it was possible for several of the students to get across the Churchill River by boat to sample the intertidal on the other side.

This was the […]

Churchill fieldwork 2.

The collecting begins.

Over the past couple of days, we have been out to various sites collecting samples. We’re targeting groups that graduate students are focusing on, including molluscs (Paola), crustaceans (Nick), and wasps (Joao), as well as some for undergraduate studies including flies (Paula) and “EPTs” — Ephemeroptera (mayflies), Plecoptera (stone flies), and […]