We need a satisfactory metaphor for DNA.

From New Scientist:

We need a satisfactory metaphor for DNA

PDF and reference managing.

I know there is (what looks like) a good program for Macs entitled “Papers” that is something like iTunes in that you can have a single folder full of PDFs and manage both the files and the reference information very easily.

Problem: I don’t use a Mac. So, I am looking for something similar […]

Don’t forget his running mate.

So, there is buzz about the exapted Obama poster featuring Darwin… mentioned on Pharyngula, Sandwalk, and now PT.

I would just remind you all not to forget about Darwin’s running mate.


Other Darwin year goodies.

As you know, I have been involved in a little side project designing Darwin year stuff, with half the proceeds going to conservation charities and half to be invested in developing online evolution resources (coming soon, by the way). We’ve had some great success, and it’s been lots of fun.

I think there is […]

Happy birthday wishes to Darwin.

Posted a little late, but fun…


New software would play any videogame ever created

The Coyne paradox.

From everything I have heard, Jerry Coyne’s new book Why Evolution is True is very good. I haven’t read it yet (it is on my list), but I am willing to assume that the reviews have been reliable and that he makes a superb case for the fact of evolutionary descent.

What I don’t […]

Facebook groups.

I tend to use Facebook only occasionally, but the existence of more and more evolution-related groups there has me thinking about logging in more frequently. Here are just a few. If you use Facebook, maybe stop in and see if any are of interest to you. National Center for Science Education Evolution: Education and […]

Around the interwebs.

Some stuff to check out that is interesting…

Putting human consumption into perspective (New Scientist)

New Google Ocean Takes Google Earth Beyond the “Dirt” (National Geographic)

Why turning out brilliant scientists isn’t enough (New Scientist)

Science as art.

Sometimes while doing science, one is struck by something in the same way that one is affected by beautiful art.

Not that these are the most amazing images ever (they weren’t meant to be artistic, just routine work), but I enjoyed them. They’re from a project on rotifers by one of my undergraduate thesis […]