This one has it all!

This recent genome paper has it all: “reveal“, “insights“, and the platypus fallacy.

Were introns immediately dismissed as useless junk?

In a recent paper, Morris and Mattick (2014) claim that:

“The discovery of introns in 1977  was perhaps the biggest surprise in the history of molecular biology, as no one expected that the genes of higher organisms would be mosaics of coding and non-coding sequences, all of which are transcribed. However, the prevailing concept […]

An example of why it is important to distinguish evolution as fact, theory, and path.

Over on Why Evolution is True, Jerry Coyne asks “What would disprove evolution?”. The basic idea of his article is to a) summarize what is claimed by “the theory of evolution” (a phrase I dislike nearly as much as “Darwinism”), and b) what observations could falsify it.

Here’s how he summarizes “the theory of […]

The Platypus Fallacy.

I see, with rather alarming frequency, a major fallacy creeping in to discussions of human evolutionary history and how one may infer details about it. Specifically, there is a tendency to examine the traits of one or a few non-human species and to draw conclusions about the origin of human traits purely from these […]

Why I don’t write papers about chemistry.

Because I might end up with something as silly as when chemists write about evolutionary biology.

Could ‘Advanced’ Dinosaurs Rule Other Planets?

New scientific research raises the possibility that advanced versions of T. rex and other dinosaurs — monstrous creatures with the intelligence and cunning of humans — may be the life forms […]

Game Changer for Evolutionary Theory?

Hold on to your hats folks, another major shake-up of evolutionary theory!

A new hypothesis posed by a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, associate professor and colleagues could be a game changer in the evolution arena. The hypothesis suggests some species are surviving by discarding genes and depending on other species to play their hand.


Thorough takedown of the supposed connection between Darwin and Nazism.

It has been a common tactic among creationists to attempt to discredit scientific ideas by linking them to the horrific actions of the likes of Hitler and the Nazis. The scientific merits of a theory do not rest on its societal implications, of course, but there is also the issue that the Nazis did […]

Coyne (sort of) discovers non-adaptive explanations.

I enjoyed Jerry Coyne’s book Why Evolution is True (though I don’t care for the title — Why Evolution is a Scientific Fact would have been much more accurate). The one complaint I had was that Coyne is a serious Darwinian (up to an including calling evolution “Darwinism”). That is, he interprets pretty much […]

Evolution: Education and Outreach Volume 3 Number 4.

Evolution: Education and Outreach Volume 3, Number 4 / December 2010



Niles Eldredge and Greg Eldredge 491-494

How Systematics Became “Phylogenetic”

Niles Eldredge 495-498

Introduction to the Special Issue

Sagas of the Children of Time: The Importance of Phylogenetic Teaching in Biology

Daniel R. Brooks 499-505

Why Trees Are […]

Arlin Stoltzfus and The Curious Disconnect.

In case you haven’t been following the series of posts by evolutionary biologist Dr. Arlin Stoltzfus posted on Sandwalk, here is a list hosted at his own site:

The Curious Disconnect: Introduction (March 19, 2010). The Mutationism Myth 1. The Monk’s Lost Code and the Great Confusion (March 29, 2010) describes how the mutationism […]