News about E:EO.

Given that they have announced it on their Facebook page, I assume it’s ok for me to also mention it here.

I have officially resigned as Associate Editor and member of the editorial board of Evolution: Education and Outreach.

This was a painful decision, and not one that I took lightly, given how much […]

A riddle.

What has two thumbs and tenure?

PZ will want this for his next birthday gift.

Robot octopus will go where no sub has gone before

Arise, Roboctopus!

CBC on the lack of funding for Genome Canada.

Last night on CBC, the National gave a report on the lack of funds for Genome Canada in the new budget by the Conservative government. My colleague Paul Hebert, who is the head of the massive international DNA barcoding project, was featured. This is just one of many areas in which Canada is a […]

Dr. Michael Majerus (1954 – 2009)

It is with deep regret that I follow Nick Matzke in announcing that Dr. Michael Majerus, an expert on industrial melanism and champion of the peppered moth as a prominent example of natural selection in the wild, has passed away after a short illness.

Dr. Majerus was a professor at Cambridge, and was a […]

Stephen Hawking coming to Ontario.

Check this out…

Hawking plans long commute to Canada

So what’s new?

I must offer an apology for the delay in adding new posts. I have been back from Churchill for some time now, but am still not caught up. With the fall semester approaching, papers to finish, lectures to prepare, and grants to write, I am pretty much swamped these days. But that does not […]