Dropbox 1.0 released.

I love Dropbox. If you haven’t started using it, you should. (If you use this referral link it will give both of us some bonus storage space free).

Anyway, the program is now available in full final release 1.0 (it was beta previously). Apparently there are various improvements, but it was excellent to begin […]

D2L and stone tools.

D2L, which I believe stands for “Desire 2 Launch-this-learning-management-system-from-a-catapult”, is the current LMS we are using on campus.  I won’t go into all the reasons I find it frustrating, except to say that every time anyone talks about trying to do something with it, it’s always with an expression similar to the one following […]

Dropbox rules.

I love Dropbox. I use it to back up and synchronize all my important files, and it has pretty much replaced my need for external hard drives and USB keys. I also use it to share specific folders with co-authors or students so that any changes they make or files they add are synchronized […]

Project FIFE: A 100% free desktop PC.

Last week was our campus-wide electronic waste collection drive, with several drop-off sites set up around the university.  Needing a few parts for some hacking projects I have in mind (for one previous example, see here), I decided to browse the e-waste items that had been dropped off.  There is also a regular e-waste […]

Can a scientist get by using only free software?

I have recently decided to try Ubuntu (a South African term meaning “humanity towards others”), which is an open-source operating system built on Linux but similar in interface to traditional Windows or Mac operating systems. My question is whether a scientist could get by using only free software. Here is a list of programs […]

Introducing Hackademe!

My latest online project: Hackademe!

Hack: A clever use of technology, software, or modified items to solve a problem or increase efficiency. Academe: The community of scholars and students engaged in higher education and research; also known as academia or acadème. Hackademe: A website devoted to sharing clever uses of technology, software, or modified […]

My favourite web apps.

I don’t really use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or the other social networking stuff that the kids are into these days (bah!), but I do try to keep up with more useful web 2.0 applications. Here’s a list of some of my favourites.

Firefox This is the best browser, period, and it finally surpassed IE! […]

Blackberry apps that rock.

I have been a CrackBerry user for several years, and am rarely seen without it in my hand or on my belt. Last week I traded my 8700 for the Bold (9000) — wow, what a good move! The Bold is faster, sleeker, and has 3G capabilities for functions that I would not have […]

Mendeley (and other free software).

Some time ago, I posted about my search for a new reference management program for Windows that would be the rough equivalent of Papers for Mac (which is the rough equivalent of iTunes for PDFs).

I played around with Zotero, but I prefer something standalone rather than embedded within a browser. You may like […]