The parable of the parallel parking students.

Three students had recently celebrated their 16th birthdays and had begun learning to drive. They had each become proficient at most aspects of operating a motor vehicle. They had memorized the most common rules of the road and the meanings of street signs. They had learned to how to perform right, left, and three-point […]

Links to my evolution education papers.

I’m currently at Evolution 2012 in Ottawa, having spoken at an education workshop on Friday. Various people at the meeting have told me that they’ve found my education papers very useful, so I thought I would put links to them all in one convenient location and then direct people there. So, here they are:


D2L and stone tools.

D2L, which I believe stands for “Desire 2 Launch-this-learning-management-system-from-a-catapult”, is the current LMS we are using on campus.  I won’t go into all the reasons I find it frustrating, except to say that every time anyone talks about trying to do something with it, it’s always with an expression similar to the one following […]

Evolution of shell morphology in freshwater mussels.

For the past year, I have been working with several colleagues to completely redesign our first year biology program at the University of Guelph. One of the aspects of the new “Discovering Biodiversity” course (which complements courses in human health and molecular and cellular biology) that I am most excited about is the use […]