Brand new DAP gives Mattick a run for his money.

Check out this brand new dog’s ass plot (DAP). Note that the only labels on the x-axis are the genomes of the different species — yet the points are connected on the line as though there was an actual transition between these modern species.

Wow. Just… wow.Source:

How does this sort […]

Human males are bigger than females because…

In humans, males tend on average to be larger, to mature later, and to age and die sooner than females. It’s easy to assume, as many people do, that this difference between males and females — what biologists call sexual dimorphism — is the result of sexual selection. That is, males are larger because […]

DNA: The Code for Making Life (BBC World Service — The Forum)

Bridget Kendall and guests explore the current understanding of how DNA works, why it needs constant repair in every living organism and how new DNA-altering techniques can help cure some medical conditions. Joining Bridget are Swedish Nobel Laureate and Francis Crick Institute Emeritus Group Leader Tomas Lindahl who pioneered DNA repair studies, medical […]

Student ENCODE authors show the way.

Some of the more prominent figures in the ENCODE project, such as Ewan Birney and John Stamatoyannopoulos, have been making statements in the media that exacerbate the hype surrounding the ENCODE results and the infamous claim that “80% of the DNA in the genome is functional”.  For the most part, I have been criticizing […]

Climate change, evolution, and Canadian conservatives.

Thanks to Larry at Sandwalk, I caught this clip from the Bill Maher show in which panelists were discussing climate change and evolution.

The woman in the discussion is Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada. Some caveats, though: she wasn’t elected Prime Minister but assumed the role when she took over as […]

Jerry gets a frog.

Jerry Coyne now has a frog named after him. I have always wanted a species named after me, and frogs are my favourite, so I’m quite jealous. Meanwhile, the leech that is supposed to bear my name has yet to make an appearance… isn’t that right, Mark? Nudge nudge.

My favourite web apps.

I don’t really use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or the other social networking stuff that the kids are into these days (bah!), but I do try to keep up with more useful web 2.0 applications. Here’s a list of some of my favourites.

Firefox This is the best browser, period, and it finally surpassed IE! […]

Where am I? - 2

A slightly easier clue this time…

Where am I?

Easy question… where am I (not a trick — I just took this picture)?

Another, um, good reason to care about genome sizes.

You denizens of the science blogosphere probably will have heard about the, shall we say, “questionable” article by Donald Williamson (and communicated by Lynn Margulis) in PNAS, in which he claimed that insect larvae arose via hybridization between non-metamorphosing ancestral insects and Onychophora (velvet worms).

Maybe this sounds silly to you.  Me […]