Introducing Hackademe!

My latest online project: Hackademe!

Hack: A clever use of technology, software, or modified items to solve a problem or increase efficiency. Academe: The community of scholars and students engaged in higher education and research; also known as academia or acadème. Hackademe: A website devoted to sharing clever uses of technology, software, or modified […]

NCSE to EZ: Do not want.

After linking to the NCSE’s mocking “Don’t Diss Darwin” site, I sent them an email asking if they might add a link to Evolver Zone (which has long had a prominent link to NCSE on the main site). Apparently they “link only to permanent institutional websites” to prevent broken links to fly-by-night pages. Nevertheless, […]

More Darwin Year gear!

We have uploaded another set of designs for Darwin Year gear. Be sure to check out the shop (, and for additional stuff keep watching the related website which is still in progress.

If you have a blog, we would certainly appreciate a plug (remember, 50% of the proceeds go directly to charity, and […]

Darwin Year gear!

Two years ago, I had t-shirts made up for my evolution course that depicted Darwin’s notebook sketch of a simple tree diagram capped by the words “I think”. In total, we generated about $500 for conservation charities, and the students got a pretty cool shirt (I still see them around campus fairly frequently). Had […]