Microbial Art is alive!

I am happy to report that my latest distraction project is now live!

Visit www.microbialart.com for lots of intriguing artworks created using living microorganisms.

Microbe art rocks.

UPDATE — Visit www.microbialart.com!

Some more creations by students in my lab:


Galapagos Islands


Primate […]

More microbial art.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my students and I have been experimenting with creating art from living colonies of bacteria:

I don’t think this is a common art form (though it’s one I want to explore in more detail down the road), but I am aware of a few other […]

Evolution and art.

From Oct. 9-30, the University of Guelph and Ed Video are hosting a special art exhibit entitled “This View of Life: Evolutionary Art for the Year of Darwin“. It was organized by professors in four departments: Integrative Biology, Philosophy, History, and English and Theatre Studies, and was curated by Scott McGovern of Ed Video. […]