Update on Evolution: Education and Outreach

I wasn’t going to discuss this because I’m not officially affiliated with the journal anymore, but I see it has been posted on the E:EO blog. Some good news about access to the journal. Still not satisfactory in my opinion, and doesn’t address the principle of how this all went down (which was my […]

Evolution: Education and Outreach, vol. 2 issue 4

The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach is now online:

Article Editorial Mick Wycoff PDF (53.8 KB)HTML 579-580 Article How Can English Tell the Story? Douglas Reed Eldredge PDF (70.4 KB)HTML 581-583 Article Becoming Modern Homo sapiens Ian Tattersall PDF (109.3 KB)HTML 584-589 Article The Evolution of Morality Douglas Allchin PDF (202.8 […]