My grad student made me do it.

One of the joys of advising graduate students is that you get to interact with people who have widely divergent backgrounds, expertise, and interests. It so happens that the newest member of the lab is an avid blogger, and has managed to convince me that this can be a useful means of communication (and perhaps a somewhat productive distraction from tedious duties). The net result, after consultation with our resident expert on options for the name, is Genomicron — a blog devoted to exploring genomic diversity and evolution. Due to time constraints I expect to only post semi-regularly for the foreseeable future, but this will provide a venue for discussing interesting and exciting developments in genomics, biodiversity science, and evolutionary biology*. Welcome.


* Assuming, of course, that anyone other than my students will read it.

2 thoughts on “My grad student made me do it.

  1. Looking good! As your bloggin’ grad student, I approve.

    Now, back to work.

  2. I meant “back to work” for me, not for anyone else. Just to avoid confusion.

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