ASM’s Microblogology.

Over at Aetiology, Tara Smith has posted an excellent video comprised of interviews of science bloggers conducted at the ASM meeting in Toronto. I am not a microbiologist, but Larry Moran did kindly invite me to join the group for dinner during the meeting. Alas, I was in Montreal at the CSZ meeting presenting the Boutilier Lecture and was unable to attend. I also did not make it to the SMBE meeting in Halifax, which has been a source of consternation for RPM. Next time! It’s a very good video, although I felt like Jonathan Badger really phoned it in (ha ha).

(Soundtrack available here).

3 thoughts on “ASM’s Microblogology.

  1. It’s not exactly down the road. In fact, you’re closer to Halifax than I am. 🙂

  2. Perhaps next year in Barcelona or the following year in Iowa City.
    In the meantime, “tag”
    go here.

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