4 thoughts on “ERV hits the nail on the head.

  1. Yes, it’s a good post. However, I still wonder about her response to 6). Abbie says:

    What prevents ‘micro’ money (pennies) from adding up to ‘macro’ money (dollars)? Nothing.

    When I read this, the following quote came to mind:

    “Whether macrovolution is reducible to microevolution is one of the persistent debates in evolutionary biology”


    Grantham, T. (2007) Is macroevolution more than successive rounds of microevolution? Palaeontology, 50, 75-85.

    I thought this was an interesting read and would be interested in your perspective.

  2. You may also be interested in:

    Gregory, T.R. (2004). Macroevolution, hierarchy theory, and the C-value enigma. Paleobiology 30: 179-202. (PDF)

    Gregory, T.R. 2005. Macroevolution and the genome. In: The Evolution of the Genome (edited by T.R. Gregory). Elsevier, San Diego, pp. 679-729.

  3. If you want to kill a few brain cells, here is the original in pdf.

    We got a handout like that brochure, but full of ads for ID books. **head to keyboard**

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