Terrible science writing in The Skeptic magazine.

Speaking of misleading headlines, The Skeptic, which is a fine publication produced by Australian Skeptics and which, to my knowledge, does not itself contain any terrible science writing, has reprinted my blog post Anatomy of a Bad Science Story as an article in the latest issue (with permission, of course).

Have a look, and if you’re in the Land of Oz (or, presumably, anywhere), why not join Australian Skeptics and get the full magazine on a regular basis?

Click for full size view.

3 thoughts on “Terrible science writing in The Skeptic magazine.

  1. There also probably could have been edits to remove references that are confusing without hyperlinks, but I didn’t have anything to do with it beyond saying “sure, you can reprint it if you like”. Glad to see they have found it interesting, and I do think people should check out their magazine.

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